PRE-ORDER DeLorean Time Machine 'Crazy Case' for iPhone 6

Product Description

It’s 2015, the year of Back to the Future’s future. We have the hoverboard, the self-lacing shoes, but we’re still waiting on the time machine.

Premium Bandai‘s Crazy Case Delorean Time Machine won’t exactly transport you through the space-time continuum, but it might help you pass idle time. Featuring blue LED lights that illuminate when you get a call and movable parts like fold-up wheels and a slide-out bonnet for picture-taking, this iPhone 6 case is a worthy replication of the DeLorean DMC-12 and a great way to commemorate the big year.

This is a pre-order item to be released June 2015!

iPhone 6 only
Slide bonnet to use camera
Size: 160 x 93 x 41mm
Power: LR44 batteries x 3

VENDOR: Bandai