Dokkai Koryaku! JLPT N1 (Mastering Reading! JLPT N1)

Product Description

Dokkai Koryaku! JLPT N1 helps you improve your reading comprehension skills for the JLPT N1. The book is structured in the sections "short texts" and "medium and long texts" and features different styles of writing, covering a large range of writing styles. The questions are structured similar to real JLPT N1 questions so you know what to expect in the test. Lastly, a mock test to let you experience a real JLPT simulation is included.

Dokkai Koryaku! JLPT N1 lesson structure:

  • The "short texts" chapter is divided into 6 sections, each focusing on a different aspect of reading comprehension. Examples are "Understanding demonstrative pronouns", "Understanding relevant keywords" among others. Each section features one example text with an explanation of what to look out for and 6-10 texts with questions to solve.
  • The "medium and long texts" chapter is divided into 4 sections, each containing an example text with a detailed explanation, followed by 4 medium texts and 5 long texts.
  • The mock test section features 2 mock tests, each containing 6 texts with questions to solve.

Recommended for you if:

  • Want to prepare for the JLPT N1.
  • Reading comprehension is your weak point.

Additional information:

  • Pages: 189
  • Language: Japanese only
  • Answer sheet included
ISBN/UPC: 9784883197064
VENDOR: Three A Network