Dokkai Wo Hajimeru Anata E (Getting started with reading comprehension)[Beginner/Inter. Reading Workbook] Third Edition

Product Description

From the same publisher who brought us "Bunpo Ga Yowai Anata E" comes another book in this series designed to help beginners cross the bridge to intermediate Japanese.

The focus in this edition is "dokkai" - reading comprehension. Each chapter includes a fun and interesting passage (really!), and a plethora of questions and exercises that not only test your knowledge of the contents, but also help you to understand and make sense of them.

This is for beginners with a solid foundation in Japanese. It is not for low-level beginners. You should be able to read hiragana and katakana easily, and know some kanji (however, kanji in this book do include furigana). Even though it's for beginners, the passages are not simple. They are perfectly suited for beginners poised to become intermediate level students.

This is also a useful book if you plan to take the JLPT exam because it will really help you succeed in the reading comprehension section.

The topics vary from interviews with fictional characters, to Japanese culture, non-fiction, expression-oriented passages, politics, society, and much more.

An answer key is included. All text is in Japanese so get ready to learn!

ISBN/UPC: 9784893588135
VENDOR: Bonjinsha