Fast-Track JLPT N1 Practice Exercises (Tanki Master) [Second Edition]

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This book was created for those taking the JLPT N1 who need to strengthen their skills quickly for the upcoming test. With sections of practice questions for the vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening portions of the test, this is the only guide you need to quickly identify weak areas and master what you need to know. It can also be effectively used after a long course of study as a final review or as a level check before the exam.

Fast-Track JLPT Practice Exercise N1 is divided into two parts. The first part contains practice questions modeled after the JLPT for each area of the test. The second part of the book is a practice test approximately half the length of the actual test. A booklet containing the answers and the dialogs for the listening section is included as well as a CD.

The book’s key focus is building confidence for the JLPT in a short amount of time. As such, it introduces clear test strategies for those studying 3, 2 or even one month before the test.

The book encourages students to study with the following steps:
1.    Do many practice questions
2.    Listen to the CD many times
3.    Check what you don’t understand
4.    Mark incorrect answers and do the questions again before the test.
5.    Identify your weak areas and study them more

Language: Japanese
Included: CD of listening dialogs


ISBN/UPC: 9784893588456
VENDOR: Bonjinsha

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