Fude-pen Renshu-Cho: Japanese Brush Writing Practice Book

Product Description

This Japanese Writing Practice Book teaches you how to write Japanese characters with a Japanese brush pen. Japanese brush pens are commonly used in letters, formal greetings, and seasonal postcards. From hiragana and katakana to kanji, this book will help you write Japanese properly and beautifully with a brush pen.

The book begins with the basics of posture and how to hold the pen properly. The next section shows how to correctly write hiragana, katakana and kanji with extra space for writing practice.

This book also teaches you how to write letters and postcards in Japanese. It contains penmanship practice for the most common surnames, the Japanese prefectures, and sample addresses. It also includes many examples of common greetings and seasonal phrases that will help you write letters and cards that are appropriate as well as pleasantly polite.

Since this book is designed for Japanese people, it’s written completely in Japanese. We recommend it for intermediate and advanced students, though if the sample pages make sense to you, then this book might be right for you, too.


ISBN/UPC: 9784415031668
VENDOR: Seibido