Funassyi Blank Notebook

Product Description

Isn't it much more fun to do your homework using a nice, colorful notebook, especially when Funassyi is smiling at you on the cover? Even more, you'll find this funny mascot on each of the unruled, blank pages. Use this notebook also for drawings or simple notes.

Size: 18x26cm

Funassyi is a Japanese mascot character, unofficially representing the city of Funabashi, Chiba. It later appeared at events, festivals, TV programs and commercials, gaining popularity all over Japan. Funassyi is neither a boy nor a girl, but it is a pear (the Japanese for "nothing" and "pear" are both pronounced nashi). Its parents are ordinary pear trees.The character is fond of heavy metal, revealing that it bought Deep Purple's Machine Head as its first album, and is also fond of Aerosmith.

VENDOR: Nihon Television Service
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