Hajimeyo Nihongo Shokyu 1 Main Textbook (Revised Edition) (Let's start Japanese for Beginners))

Product Description

This book largely focuses on listening and speaking. There are 3 CDs that come with this textbook that you will be using for every page and exercises.

The level of this book is right for you if you have learnt hiragara and are just starting to introduce yourself to Kanjis, as there are furigana for all the kanjis that are used. 
The text book starts with very basic conversations such as "what is your name?", "where do you come from?" etc.
By the end of the book, you will be doing harder conversations such us "Are you injured?", "I don't feel well, can I go home early?" etc. 

After every listening exercise, there are speaking exercises that the book encourages to carefully practice out load. You can of course, do it on you own, but it would be more fun to work ont this book with a partner or in a classroom. 

The very first page of every chapter telling you what the chapter is about is translated into English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. However, all the other pages and exercises are entirely written and explained in Japanese so you might have to keep using a dictionary. Although, the textbook does contain a lot of drawings that together with the CDs will help you understand and expand your vocabulary as you go.  

A script of every listening exercise is provided as a PDF file in one of the CDs. 

Answer sheet is provided for all the exercises at the back of the book. 

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