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Hiragana Times is a monthly bilingual Japanese & English culture magazine that will keep you in touch with Japan no matter where you are. Read about current trends and fads, news, interesting features, culture, the arts and more!

Every article is BILINGUAL so this is a perfect study guide for Japanese students. The kanji in all articles is accompanied by furigana, making it easy for you to look up unknown characters.

In one issue (February 2008), we found articles as diverse as these:
"Mobile Phone Novels are Booming!"
"Kamakura: The Beautifully Scenic First Shogunate Capital"
"Sachiko's Cooking Class [Recipes]"
"Canadian Living by the Sword"
"Japan's Homeless - Behind the Scenes"
& more

If you want to study or practice Japanese while learning about Japan and its culture, order an issue of the Hiragana Times today!

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VENDOR: Yakku Kikaku

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