Ikki Ni Yomeru - Stories You Can Read Smoothly - Grade 3 (2015 Edition)

Product Description
This is the third of a 6 volume series of stories designed to be read smoothly in 10 minutes. These books are unique in that each contains a collection of both old and modern tales, many penned by major contemporary authors in Japan. All books in this series are illustrated by Yoshiyuki Momose, one of the animators for Mononoke Hime and Studio Ghibli.

'Stories You Can Read Smoothly Grade 3' contains nine stories aimed at Japanese elementary 3rd graders with short quiz questions to check your reading. The stories contain furigana for difficult kanji and explanations for some words in Japanese. If you are a Japanese student looking for short, interesting reading passages to hone your Japanese comprehension, we highly recommend these books.
ISBN/UPC: 9784062194204
VENDOR: Kodansha