Intermediate Japanese Sentence Training

Product Description

This book is designed for those who are studying Japanese language at an intermediate level and also those who wish to review intermediate Japanese sentence patterns. There are many intermediate Japanese books that present grammatical explanation and only a few sample sentences, but these are not enough to acquire skills to use. This book contains pattern exercises which require you to see the overall sentence and understand the meaning by reading the conversation and "think to solve them" with emphasis on context and meaning by using appropriate sentence patterns.

This book is recommended for use along with a textbook, for review or to prepare for the JLPT or Japanese University Admission for International Students. It covers 80 sentence patterns with a short learning check at the end of each group of 10.

There is also a removable answer key, making checking your understanding easy.

Language: Japanese
Pages: 209

ISBN/UPC: 9784893588302
VENDOR: Bonjinsha