Ippatsu Gokaku! JLPT N1 (Pass in one try! JLPT N1)

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This book covers everything that comes up in the JLPT N1. It includes a chapter on: Characters and Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, a practice test, and a summary of everything.

Features of this book are 
- Explanation is given in four languages; Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean
- Comes with a Practice Test following the format of the real test in the final section
- Comes with CD for the listening comprehension questions
- Use the Separate Volume before the test, which is a cheat sheet for everything learned in the book 
- It comes with a Red Sheet, which you can use to hide the translations and the furiganas on top of the hard Kanjis to check your knowledge as you go.

Page: 252

ISBN/UPC: 9784816350313
VENDOR: Intercultural Japan Institute

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