Japanese for Business People: Getting Down to Business (w/CD) [Lower Intermediate Level]

Product Description

This book is recommended for lower intermediate level Japanese students who are interested in pursuing a career in which the Japanese language is used. It is ideal for students with an interest in business, but anybody interested in working in Japan or a Japan-related field will benefit from it.

The great thing about this book is the sheer plethora of examples offered. Each chapter goes into a depth rare for text/workbooks. For example, in a chapter on invitations, various pages are devoted to offering a variety of situations in which you would make an offer, make a recommendation, accept an invitation, accept an offer, or politely turn down offers and invitations. You learn a variety of expressions, and the amount of practice will really help you to diversify your speech and become increasingly fluent.

Each chapter has reading, listening (a CD is included) and speaking exercises. It is made for the classroom but can also certainly be used for self-study (you won't get to do the role-plays, but there are plenty of other exercises).

The structure of each chapter helps you become familiar with basic expressions, and gradually helps you to use these expressions yourself. Each of the 4 stages within each chapter is designed to make the language more your own. By stage 4 of each chapter you will be surprised at how well you can express yourself to achieve the lesson goals.

ISBN/UPC: 9784883194018
VENDOR: Three A Network