Japanese Kanji Flashcards, Transitional Set A

Product Description

16 extra Kanji Flashcards for White Rabbit Press customers who have previously bought Series 1 Kanji Flashcards vol 1 and want to buy Japanese Kanji Flashcards Series 2 Volume 2.

In creating Series 2, we have re-distributed some kanji between the original sets (Series 1), and also changed the sequence numbers within sets. As a result, if you have already purchased the OLD SERIES 1 Volume 1 set and are now purchasing this NEW SERIES 2 Volume 2 set, you will need our Japanese Kanji Flashcards, Transitional Set A containing the 16 cards you would otherwise be missing.

The 16 cards have the same quality construction and clear layout as all of our other Japanese Kanji Flashcards. They are printed in black ink and come in a clear plastic wrapper.

VENDOR: White Rabbit Press