Japanese Listening Comprehension Training with Ease

Product Description

The purpose of this textbook for listening comprehension is to enhance the reader’s ability to comprehend everyday conversation and especially examples of the “ordinary utterances” of Japanese speakers.

Utterances, or spoken language, often consist of incomplete sentences with grammar mistakes or repetition. They are sometimes difficult to catch due to surrounding noise or the speaker’s unique way of speaking. For example in a conversation in a bustling downtown area, your conversation partner may pronounce unclearly or too fast. The manner of speaking varies from person to person, and is not always clear and distinct. Taking into account these features of spoken language, we have incorporated many exercises that aim to enhance your ability to comprehend spoken Japanese accurately under any conditions. Each chapter focuses itself on a particular point of listening comprehension, so that you can know precisely what to practice there.
This book will help you acquire a high level of listening comprehension, which is the first step towards success in foreign language learning. It is a useful volume for Japanese-language educators as well.
Pages: 127
Includes: 2 CDs with many exercises
Languages: English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

ISBN/UPC: 9784816351532
VENDOR: Natsume