Japanese Pronunciation Activities

Product Description

These days there is such a huge variety of tools available for students who would like to improve their Japanese pronunciation, that it can be difficult to know what to use. Japanese Pronunciation Activities provides students of all levels with everything they need - clear diagrams and explanations graphically showing correct intonation, with an accompanying CD featuring native speakers for repeating and shadowing exercises.

No doubt many of you have been in situations where the listener has not understood what you're saying because of your pronunciation. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you've spent countless hours studying and have a wide-range of vocabulary and good grammar knowledge.

Generally speaking, the more advanced your skills become, the less they will automatically improve. Fluent pronunciation can be practiced at all levels - and using the tips in this book you'll become more aware of your own pronunciation and how it differs from that of native speakers. Through the exercises included you'll soon make rapid progress, clearly getting your meaning across to listeners - and no longer seeing looks of confusion on their faces!

ISBN/UPC: 9784872177411