Japanese Word Search - Vol 1

Product Description

This long-running and popular puzzle book comes from Nikoli, the creators of sudoku. “Japanese Word Search: vol 1” contains word searches that are great practice for character recognition and can be enjoyed by Japanese learners at any level.

The first and second parts of the book contain puzzles in katakana. A shorter third part is filled with really unique puzzles including word searches in English, French, Greek, and Chinese characters. Some puzzles require you to fill in words while others require you to guess the word to look for from clues.

The word search vocabulary lists were not created specifically for students of Japanese so some words may be advanced, but the book is fun practice for anyone who has mastered katakana. There is also no need to worry about getting stuck as all solutions are included in an appendix for easy reference.

Pages: 125
Language: Japanese

ISBN/UPC: 9784890720040
VENDOR: wretest