JLPT Speed Master N5: Listening Comprehension

Product Description

Listening comprehension can be tough in the beginning. You have learned all the words and grammar you need for the JLPT N5, but when you listen to a CD or someone speak Japanese, it is hard to keep up with what they are saying. They talk too fast or they don't talk clear enough. These are 2 common problems among beginners. If this is how you feel, you should consider the JLPT Speed Master N5: Listening Comprehension. Instead of having just the occasional listening task like a regular textbook, this book focuses on doing just one thing: Help you improve your listening comprehension so you can pass the JLPT N5. This is achieved by the simple 3 part structure this book introduces: Learn how to listen correctly, practice listening and practice the actual JLPT listening comprehension.

JLPT Speed Master N5: Listening Comprehension book structure:

  • Warm up: Learn how the JLPT listening comprehension section is structured and how to use this knowledge to your advantage in the JLPT.
  • Practice: First you learn how to solve JLPT listening comprehension questions. Next you actually solve them. This book includes all the types of questions used in the real JLPT, helping you prepare for every aspect of the listening comprehension section.
  • Mock tests: Test yourself under real JLPT conditions. Gives you a good idea if you are ready for the real test.

Recommended for you if:

  • You want to prepare for the JLPT N5.
  • Listening comprehension is your weak point.

Additional information:

  • Pages: 71
  • Language: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese
  • Includes: 2 CDs, script of the CDs
ISBN/UPC: 9784863923027
VENDOR: J Research