JLPT Speed Master N5: Reading Comprehension

Product Description

Reading texts can be a difficult task for a beginner. It requires knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and the ability to process all the information provided. JLPT Speed Master N5: Reading Comprehension helps you build a basic understanding of how to approach texts, especially texts commonly used in the JLPT N5. The book has 3 sections: The first section "warm up" goes over the basics of how to improve reading skills and how to find the relevant information in a sentence. Once you understand the basics, continue with the practice section to see if you can apply your knowledge. The section includes the same types of texts and covers vocabulary, grammar and expressions commonly used in the JLPT N5. Lastly, the mock test section lets you test your progress and if you are ready for the JLPT N5.

JLPT Speed Master N5: Reading Comprehension book structure:

  • Warm up: Explanations of how JLPT reading comprehension is structured and advise on how to tackle the texts. Learn to understand how to read sentences to get the relevant information.
  • Practice: Now that you know how to read JLPT texts, it is time to practice. This book includes texts similar to those in the real JLPT N5 and covers the same vocabulary, grammar and expressions.
  • Mock tests: Test your progress. Are you ready for test day? This book includes 2 mock tests. Completing both of them gives you an idea of whether you are ready for the N5 or not.

Recommended for you if:

  • You want to prepare for the JLPT N5.
  • Reading comprehension is your weak point.

Additional information:

  • Pages: 97
  • Language: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese
ISBN/UPC: 9784863922808
VENDOR: J Research