JSST Conversation Training

Product Description

JSST Conversation Training is designed for students who are attempting the Japanese Standard Speaking Test, but it is useful for any student who wants to improve their Japanese conversation. 

It is divided into 6 chapters with theme-based and skill-based writing exercises that will gradually improve your ability to hold a conversation or speak in any situation.

Some of the target skills for the chapters include the following:

  1. Consistently speak in complete sentences
  2. Say more
  3. Join senstences to produce full-bodied conversations
  4. Always speak in paragraphs - with vivid detail
  5. Lengthy statements --> Summarize to speak concisely
  6. Use honorific language in business situations

By the end of the six chapters you will have prepared for level 1 through 10 of the JSST. The final section of the book contains excellent sample questions and responses as provided by 3 test takers from different countries. 

For more information about the JSST, please visit their website:

Information in English is also available at GaijinPot:

Pages: 143
Includes: CD
Languages: Japanese (with some English, Korean and Chinese) 

ISBN/UPC: 9784757420557