Kakigori Shaved Ice Maker

Product Description

One of the good things about the humid and hot Japanese summer is the shaved ice (kakigori) with sweet syrup that you can find everywhere. Cool and refreshing, it will boost your energy and let you enjoy the delicious, yet not overly sugary taste of a dessert since it mostly consists of water. With the Kakigori Shaved Maker you can create your own kakigori ice and enjoy it at home or in your garden.

Only few steps are needed to get your tasty summer dessert done. Put in the ice block and turn, shaving the ice off and creating a dessert in the cup below. Though you have to get the ingredients separately, this also allows you to be creative and think of delicious, fun and unique toppings yourself.

  • Comes with one cup to create the ice block
  • Instructions: Japanese with graphic explanations


VENDOR: Doshisha