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Master hiragana and katakana with visual and verbal mnemonics. For the 10th anniversary of Kana Flashcards we decided to throw out all the original artwork and rethink the verbal and visual mnemonics from scratch. This Revised edition includes 92 fresh illustrations and verbal mnemonics which better match the native Japanese pronunciation.

  • Learn 450 basic Japanese vocabulary words
  • Stroke-by-stroke diagrams
  • FREE audio pronunciation guide
  • Audio Companion (sold separately) includes readings for all the vocabulary words

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As with our top-selling Japanese Kanji Flashcards, we've worked relentlessly to make Kana Flashcards the best product on the market. Along with the Audio Companion, these cards include all the information you need to recognize and remember, to read and write, and to pronounce hiragana and katakana in no time.

An audio pronunciation guide is also available for these cards which contains all the reading for the kana characters, and all vocabulary.

A FREE audio pronunciation guide is also available for these cards (below) which contains all the reading for the kana characters (but, unlike the paid version above does not contain the vocabulary).

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Take care of your flashcards with our convenient carrying cases. Each case holds 60 cards and they allow you to keep your cards clean and safe while using them outside your home.

And check out our colorful flashcard dividers - a great study aid and also the best way to organize your flashcards. Using the Leitner method (click here for details) you can use these cards to study effectively and brush up on your weak points.


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VENDOR: White Rabbit Press

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