Kana Wall Poster by White Rabbit Press

Product Description

Thanks to your Kickstarter support, we successfully produced this Kana Wall Poster and now we're making it available to everyone.

We designed our Kana Wall Poster with Japanese language lovers in mind, so whether you're getting started learning Japanese, a JLPT N1 conqueror, a Japanese teacher or simply a fan of typography, there's something for everyone to appreciate. Attractive, minimalist and highly-functional, it'll look good in your class, study or bedroom and is sure to draw eyes.

Our Kana Wall Poster features:

  • Both hiragana and katakana, comprising 46 different phonetic symbols used to represent all the possible syllables of the spoken language.
  • Characters are organized according to Japanese custom.
  • Pronunciation for each character is indicated in roman letters.
  • Diacritical marks in relevant column headings.
  • Syllables beginning with the voiced consonants [g], [z], [d] and [b] are spelled with kana from the corresponding unvoiced columns (k, s, t and h) and the voicing mark, dakuten.

Dimensions: A1-size in landscape format (59.4 x 84.1 cm / 23.4 x 33.1 in). Legible from over 5 meters away.

Printing: High-quality offset printing. Printed in Japan.

Shipping: Ships internationally in a tube (rolled, not folded). Ships separately from other items.



ISBN/UPC: 9780984334957
VENDOR: White Rabbit Press