Kanji in Context Workbook Vol. 1

Product Description

Most Kanji study books focus on beginners and the basics of kanji, but not so the Kanji in Context series. This series was designed width intermediate and advanced learners in mind, and helps you to learn 2136 kanji and the kanji-based vocabulary essential to advanced Japanese communication.

Kanji in Context Workbook Vol. 1 requires you to already know around 250 to 300 kanji, and picks up from there. It covers the first half of the intermediate/advanced Joyo kanji. It is divided into lessons of kanji practice exercises covering a limited amount of kanji each, and includes kanji reading practice as well as practical use of the kanji in full sentences. The chapters in Volume 1 correspond to the vocabulary appearing in levels 1 to 3 of the Kanji in Context Reference Book.

Kanji in Context Workbook Vol. 1 additional information:

  • Pages: 201
  • Languages: Japanese with an English Introduction¬†
  • Includes: Answer key
ISBN/UPC: 9784789015301
VENDOR: The Japan Times