Kanji in Context - Workbook Vol. 2 Revised Edition

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Unlike most kanji study books which focus on beginners and the basics of kanji, Kanji in Context is a system designed specifically for intermediate and advanced learners. This series will enable you to systematically and efficiently learn 2136 kanji and the kanji-based vocabulary essential to advanced Japanese communication.

Volume 2 assumes that the learner has mastered the 1,200 kanji in Volume 1 and covers the last of the course's 2136 kanji. It is divided into lessons of kanji reading practice exercises covering 10-20 kanji each. The chapters in Volume 2 correspond to the vocabulary appearing in levels 4 to 6 of the Kanji in Context Reference Book.

Languages: Japanese with an English Introduction

ISBN/UPC: 9784789015318
VENDOR: The Japan Times