Kanji Practice Notebook (renshuu chou) - 150 Squares/page

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Authentic Japanese Kanji Practice Book
Each book contains 60 pages with 150 squares per page.

Why Kanji Practice Notebook (renshuu chou) - 150 Squares/page?

Because one of the best ways to learn kanji is to practice writing kanji - repeatedly - until you get it. Even if you just want to be able to read kanji, you will memorize kanji much more effectively by practicing writing. And if you truly want to become fluent, then of course writing kanji is also essential. These books are what actual students in Japan use to write letters, papers, homework, etc. Using them is the best way to practice writing kanji, hiragana and katakana. This is an extremely handy item to have for anyone learning Japanese!

ISBN/UPC: 4902681015105
VENDOR: wretest

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