Kanji Wall Poster Series 3 by White Rabbit Press

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Our Kanji Wall Poster (Series 3) includes all the kanji you need to know in a set of two comprehensive posters: an A0-size poster listing all the kanji and an A1-size index.

Our kanji wall poster includes:

  • All the jōyō kanji (including those after the revision in 2010)
  • Every kanji you need to know for all five levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  • All the characters' jōyō on and kun readings along with English definitions.

    The White Rabbit Press Kanji Poster includes the 1926 kanji included on the JLPT list, plus the 210 remaining jōyō kanji not included on the JLPT, for a grand total of all 2136 kanji designated as official general use characters (jōyō kanji) by the Japanese government.

    Each character is numbered to coordinate with Series 2 White Rabbit Press Kanji flashcards. The characters are color-coordinated by the new JLPT levels N1~N5 (N4 & N5 in green, N2 & N3 in blue, N1 in purple). Jōyō Kanji not in the JLPT are shown in black.

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    Dimensions: A0 ("A Zero") size in landscape format (84 x 119 cm / 33 x 47 in) for the Kanji, A1 ("A One") size in landscape format (59.4 x 84.1 cm / 23 x 33 in) for definitions and readings.

    Shipping: Ships from Japan in a tube (rolled, not folded.) Ships separately from other items.

    ISBN/UPC: 9780984334940
    VENDOR: White Rabbit Press

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