KitKat Everyday Luxury - Matcha, Berry and Almond

Product Description

Indulge yourself with the Everyday Luxury line of Kitkats. This time in Matcha flavour! Inspired by the premium Moleson line at the Chocolatory stores in Japan, this bag offers a cheaper alternative for those who want to enjoy the delicious combination of KitKat embedded with dried berries and almond.

This Japanese limited edition comes in a bag of 15 (or 16) yummy mini KitKats.

One thing about Japanese KitKat editions: The Japanese really have taken KitKat chocolate to a whole new level, with endless amounts of rich, imaginative flavor ideas and amazing package designs. Are you bored of the average KitKat you find in your local shops? Why not try some Japanese editions, you won't be disappointed.

One bag contains 15 (or 16) mini bags of one KitKat finger.

Shipping Chocolate
As the weather heats up it becomes more difficult to guarantee chocolate will arrive in good condition. If temperatures in your location are above 23C (73F) please consider the possibility chocolates may arrive discoloured or slightly damaged. At temperatures above 28C (82F) the products may begin to melt completely in transit.

ISBN/UPC: 4902201168649