KitKat Sake Masuizumi Limited Edition

Product Description

Nestlé Japan's latest and boldest creation, Sake Flavored Kit Kat have been renewed in this special edition in collaboration with Masuizumi and pro-footballer Hidetoshi Nakata.

This features a sake powder infusion nestled between crispy vanilla wafers all inside a white chocolate cocoon. Smooth, sweet, delicious; you can taste the distinct sake flavor - and, if you eat enough of the 0.4% alcohol snacks, you might be able to feel it too. Everything you expect from Nestlé Japan and the country's signature beverage, known as Nihon-shu in Japan.

This Japanese limited edition comes in a nicely designed bottle-shaped gift box containing 9 unique mini sake KitKats. These KitKats contain small amounts of alcohol.

One thing about Japanese KitKat editions: The Japanese really have taken KitKat chocolate to a whole new level, with endless amounts of rich, imaginative flavor ideas and amazing package designs. Are you bored of the average KitKat you find in your local shops? Why not try some Japanese editions, you won't be disappointed.

One box contains 9 mini bags of two KitKat fingers.

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