Popin Cookin! Kurukuru Takoyaki

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Make your own delicious and fun takoyaki (octopus ball) treats with the Popin Cookin Kurukuru Takoyaki complete set from Kracie. All you need to supply is the water, mix the ingredients and put them in a microwave oven. The candy not only looks like real takoyaki but tastes like it too! Each pack makes eight gummies. Pick up a few sets and start your own takoyaki stand at the next school festival.

This Do-It-Yourself Popin Cookin kit is safe and fun for children and adults of all ages. All the products in this brilliantly designed intellectual education candy series allow you and your friends to mold and create realistic looking edible sweets. Definitely a challenging, fun and delicious treat for the young ones – and adults too! A great idea for crafting, perfect as a present or to make funny candy yourself.

If you need a helping hand, please see the official English instructions by Kracie.

Allergen information: Contains soybeans, wheat, milk, egg, oranges, apples, pork, chicken.

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