Learn to Write Japanese Beautifully - Practice Notebook (Renshucho)

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This unassuming notebook might seem run-of-the-mill, but unlike other kanji practice notebooks this one introduces you to a system of easy-to-follow guidelines to help you improve your Japanese penmanship. Even a beginner can learn to write beautiful kana and kanji with the book’s straightforward rules and explanations.

The notebook uses the rokudo or “six degree” line method. This means that all guidelines on the page are printed at a six-degree slant. By aligning horizontal and other strokes as clearly indicated in the book, we were able to see marked improvement in our own writing ability. Though we would have liked to see more examples of kanji to practice, we felt that the basic forms were well-covered. The last two pages were also insightful, providing numerous examples of the most common mistakes.

ISBN/UPC: 4901772060017
VENDOR: wretest

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