Learning with English - Introductory Japanese IROHA First Encounter with the Japanese Language

Product Description

This book is for beginner-level Japanese learners who are encountering the language for the first time and intend to study Japanese on their own. It's especially helpful for those who like to learn by ear and practice writing while listening to sample sentences on audio.

It's divided into three sections: listening, phonetics/grammar, and simple scripts. Also included is a free audio download and a hiragana and katakana practice workbook.


Prologue: Japanese culture and language

Part 1 Listening to examples of Japanese

Part 2 The structure of the Japanese Language

Part 3 Japanese Characters

Appendix Practicing writing Japanese Characters 



Once you've completed this book, you will be ready to move on to beginner-level textbooks!


ISBN/UPC: 9784866390826