Let’s Learn Intermediate - 56 Japanese Grammer and Expression (lower intermediate)

Product Description

This text book is continuation of  "Let's go to Intermediate", and should be used to study the first half of the intermediate level. It has 56 learning materials corresponding to JLPT N2 criteria. Each section consists of “reading material in 600 words, exercising new vocabularys, learning items with example sentences, exercising learning items,listening comprehension, writing essay, and additional columns,” and lots of short reading materials. It is designed to study the total of 8 lessons in 64 to 80 hours.

The appendix contains “learning item list,” and “new vocabularys” which is in English, Chinese, and Korean translation.

CD : 56 lower intermediate level Japanese grammer and expression

ISBN/UPC: 9.78488E+12
VENDOR: Three A Network