Level Up Training N1 Listening

Product Description

This books allows you to work through the same number of exercises in the same format as the JLPT while helping you organize knowledge and points. It is compiled of practical exercises that cultivate your answering skills using the the knowledge you have gained.

The format of the book makes it perfect for self-study. Specifically the textbook is divided into 5 units all focusing on different types of listening questions you will encounter on the exam as well as the strategies to tackle each type.

Each of these units is further broken down into three parts. The first part is a mini test to identify your strengths. The second part is a breakdown of specific points to master often including useful highlighting and diagrams. The final section of practice exercises lets you measure what you have learned.

This book stands out from other listening preparation texts with its thorough and clear method of study coupled with excellent English translations for each practice test answer and strategy. Level Up Training will leave you with a clear understanding of everything you will need to perform your best on the listening section of the N1 JLPT.

Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
Pages: 177
Includes: 2 CDs

ISBN/UPC: 9.78476E+12
US$20.00 US$26.90