Level Up Training N2 Grammar

Product Description

Level Up Training N2 Grammar is an excellent book to help you practice and improve your understanding so you can perform your best on test day. This book allows you to  work through many practical exercises in the same format as the test and will cultivate your knowldege for both the JLPT and the real world. 

This book focuses on variations of the two types of grammar questions that are on the JLPT: grammar in one sentence and grammar in more than one sentence. Specifically the questions measure if you can select the grammatical form to complete sentences or rearrange a group of words to form a syntactically correct sentence. 

The book is divided into 9 units. Each unit is divided into 3 sections. The first section is a practice exam to identify your strengths. The second section contains the main points of the chapter, and the third section contains further practice. There are confirmation exercises every 3 units so you can measure what you have learned. 

Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
Pages: 191

ISBN/UPC: 9.78476E+12
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