Mimi kara Oboeru: Mastering "Grammar" through Auditory Learning - New JLPT N2 (w/CD)

Product Description

Mimi kara Oboeru: Mastering Grammar through Auditory Learning - New JLPT N2 has a unique style to help you master grammar. With this book you'll learn grammar through sight and sound. The included CD allows you to listen, take dictation, or repeat (or shadow) the example sentences divided into 9 units so that you can naturally master the grammar points. Furigana readings are only given for approximately half of the kanji in the example sentence section, but not for the tests.

How to use this book
-Step 1: Read the example sentences. Check their meanings and how the conjunctions are used. Listen to the CD to test yourself.
-Step 2: Do the Dictation and Drill sections at the end of each unit. After every three units, take the Final Mastery Test to see how much you've learned. Do the exercises over and over again until you become comfortable with each lesson.
-Step 3: After you've completed the Final Mastery Test 3, try the Practice Tests.

Pages: 122

ISBN/UPC: 9784757418554