Mimi kara Oboeru: Mastering "Listening " through Auditory Learning - New JLPT N4 (w/CD)

Product Description

This book is a book in order to give the listening comprehension ability of the N4 level. In step three basic skills, applied skills, and practical skills, and is configured so as to be able to wear a "listening comprehension of the real" without difficulty.

First, please train basic skills through practice of four: "listening of sound,"  "vocabulary and expressions for listening,", "listening grammar,” and"understanding the feelings of the speaker".

Once you acquire the basic skills, the next step is to understand how to solve the problem of the test. There are various techniques for solving the listening comprehension test. You will be able to address the problem of different patterns.

As an exercise to train the practical skills in the end, let's solve the problem of the same form as the present study. CD comes with two pieces in this book, and has recorded two times the practice problems of the same type and listening test of this test in it.

CD recorded Language: Japanese

Editorial commentary is in English, Chinese, and Korean.
ISBN/UPC: 9784757420540