Mimi kara Oboeru: Mastering "Vocabulary" through Auditory Learning - New JLPT N1

Product Description

Mimi kara Oboeru: Mastering Vocabulary through Auditory Learning - New JLPT N1 has a unique style to help you master vocabulary. With this book you’ll learn vocabulary through sight and sound. The included CD allows you to listen, take dictation, or repeat (or shadow) the example sentences so that you can easily grasp the natural usage of the vocabulary.

This book has four different levels:
-Unit 1-3: starter
-Unit 4-7: keep going
-Unit 8-11: challenging
-Unit 12-14: advanced

Each vocabulary word comes with an English definition, example phrases/sentences, collocations, and additional vocabulary words which have either opposite or similar meanings. In each unit there are practice exercises which allow you to test yourself and familiarize yourself with the format of questions which will appear on the JLPT.

Includes: 2 CDs
Pages 295
Languages : Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

ISBN/UPC: 9784757422223