Mokulock Kodomo Wooden Bricks

Product Description

New Tech Shinsei brings yet another piece of nature to the world with their Mokulock Kodomo, the kids version of the popular Mokulock wooden bricks. In addition to 28 regular bricks, the kids version includes 6 bricks half the size of a regular one and a small eyeball brick set (image 4). The 60 piece version includes 48 regular, 12 half size bricks and the same small eyeball brick set.

Why Mokulock? New Tech Shinsei is located in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, a place where 70 percent of its land is mountains and nature. Mokulock is the result of their mission to share Japan's beautiful nature with everyone. The bricks are made from 6 different types of trees: cherry, birch, maple, bigleaf magnolia, hornbeam and zelkova, giving every single type its own special color and feeling.

Caution: Mokulock Kodomo is not recommended for kids under the age of 3.


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VENDOR: New Tech Shinsei
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