Mt. Fuji - The Best and Most Beautiful Moment HD (Blu-ray Disc)

Product Description

View the many faces of Japan's most iconic cultural landmark at different times, in different seasons and from different vantage points in this release by Synforest, the makers of Bird's-eye Tokyo. From starry sky to majestic dawn, covered in cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, or winter snow, Mt. Fuji's majesty is captured in breathtaking detail for your enjoyment.


Chapter List:

  • Bird's-eye View
  • Daybreak
  • Cloud and Mt. Fuji
  • Diamond Fuji
  • Cherry Blossom and Mt. Fuji
  • Autumn
  • Snowscape
  • Various Landscape
  • Sea and Mt. Fuji
  • Upside-down
  • Red Fuji - Crimson Fuji - Cap Cloud
  • Dusk
  • Nighttime
  • Time-lapse
  • Climbing


  • Time: about 84 minutes
  • Regional Code: Region Free
  • Image Aspect: 16:9 1920x1080
  • Audio: 1)) Linear PCM 2ch stereo (nature sounds and music)
  • Subtitle: [1] Japanese + English subtitles (also shown)
VENDOR: Synforest
US$32.00 US$49.90