KitKat Flavors of Japan Complete Set

Product Description


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Make sure to satisfy your cravings by indulging on all the flavors of KitKat from Japan. These 10 different flavors of KitKat are usually sold in different regions of the country. Now you can not only try each of them, but be surely satisfied as you can enjoy each flavor in 12 mini packs. That means 12 times the fun!

Buy all 10 flavors and save on shipping.

Flavors include:

  • Purple Sweet Potato (Beni Imo)
  • Wasabi
  • Amaou Strawberry
  • Nagoya Red Bean Sandwich
  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Yokohama Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Tokyo Rum Raisin
  • Kyoto Houjicha (Roasted Green Tea)
  • Shinshu Apple
  • Kumamoto Green Tea Kumamon Limited Edition

One thing about Japanese KitKat editions: The Japanese really have taken KitKat chocolate to a whole new level, with endless amounts of rich, imaginative flavor ideas and amazing package designs. Are you bored of the average KitKat you find in your local shops? Why not try some Japanese editions, you won't be disappointed.

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