New JLPT N1 Chokuzen-taisaku (Last minute preparations JLPT N1)

Product Description

This is a new and fully-revised edition of the popular Chokuzen-taisaku series, designed to help those studying for the JLPT N1 quickly build their confidence in kanji, vocabulary and grammar.  The book has been updated to reflect the new styles of test questions and contains fifteen 50-minute tests modeled after the JLPT. Written to strengthen test-taking skills just before the exam, this text is a useful addition to any course of JLPT study as a final confidence-builder.

Also contained in the book is an appendix of important verbs, adverbs, adjectives and other vocabulary. A separate booklet is included with answers and explanations for both the practice exercises and the questions in the appendix.

Chokezen-taisaku is perfect for anyone who wants to take a timed sample test every day in preparation for the exam. The explanations make it great for self-study and the important vocabulary section will help you learn the words to perform your best.

Language: Japanese
Pages: 164

ISBN/UPC: 9784336052841
VENDOR: Kokusho