New Kanzen Master JLPT N3: Kanji

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This is a revised version of the popular workbook Kanzen Master N3: Kanji. This text is intended for students entering the intermediate level who finished learning 300 kanji at N4 level. You will learn 354 kanji at N3 level, and 88 kanji from N5 and N4 level with alternate reading in 25 chapters. It is designed to allow you to learn kanji in the statement, and let you understand how it is used in the actual expression. The book also explains the theoretical side of kanji. What is the difference between the kun-yomi and the on-yomi? Does every kanji have both a kun- and an on-yomi? Do I have to remember all readings? If you have ever asked yourself one or more of these questions, this book answers them for you.

New Kanzen Master JLPT N3: Kanji book structure:

  • Chapter 1 "Single kanji that form whole words": Sometimes a single kanji is enough to build a whole word. This chapter teaches you which reading to use when there is only a single kanji and how you have to approach reading words you don't know even though you know the kanji.
  • Chapter 2 "Kanji from which many words are derived": Sometimes knowing kanji can help you understand words you have never seen before. This chapter goes into details about why studying the meaning of each individual kanji is important and how to approach unknown vocabulary when a word consists of more than one kanji.
  • Chapter 3 "Kanji used in context in political, economic or other contexts": As the name suggests in this chapter you learn kanji and vocabulary related to politics and economy, but also other topics like society, education, culture and lifestyle.
  • Chapter 4 "Kanji with both on-yomi and kun-yomi to be learned":  For many kanji it is essential to know both the kun- and the on-yomi. This chapter focuses on these kanji and their readings.
  • Chapter 5 "Kanji with many different readings": Are you still intimidated by the massive amount of readings of 生? This chapter teaches you kanji with many different readings by trying to get 2 or more of them into a single sentence.
  • At the end of the bock you will find 2 mock tests covering everything you learned in this book. The questions use the same format as in the actual examination.

Recommended for you if:

  • You want to prepare specially for the JLPT N3.
  • You already learned the 300 JLPT N4 and N5 kanji and want to continue your journey.
  • You want to not just learn, but get a deeper understanding on how kanji work and how to read and use them correctly based on context.

Additional information:

  • Pages: 115
  • Language: Japanese, English
  • Includes: Answer key, kanji and vocabulary list, the 300 N4 and N5 kanji and their readings

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ISBN/UPC: 9784883196883
VENDOR: Three A Network