New Kanzen Master JLPT N3: Vocabulary

Product Description

This is a revised version of the popular workbook “Kanzen Master JLPT Level 3: Vocabulary.” The book is aimed at those planning to take the N3 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), though it is an excellent tool for any learner to improve their Japanese vocabulary.  

The vocabulary presented has been carefully chosen from references and past tests, ensuring the book concentrates on words that have a high chance of appearing in the examination. It provides the learner with many practice sections based on the JLPT vocabulary section and will give them the confidence and knowledge required to perform their best on test day.

The book is divided into the following two parts:
1. Jitsuryoku Yoseihen – An introduction of new vocabulary
3. Mogi Shiken – A mock test that enables the learner to identify their strengths and weaknesses

In the 'Jitsuryoku Yoseihen' section, vocabulary is introduced in two ways. In Part 1, the vocabulary is grouped based on themes and situations; in Part 2, it is grouped in terms of parts of speech and usage. Each new chapter of vocabulary has a basic exercise and a practical exercise section. The basic exercise section helps the learner confirm the meaning and usage of the vocabulary. The second practical exercise section is a 20 point quiz with questions shown in the same format as the exam.

This book strengthens not only the learner’s vocabulary, but also their overall ability at the intermediate level.

Language: Japanese only

ISBN/UPC: 9784883197439
VENDOR: Three A Network
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