NEW- Mastering Japanese by Ear: Grammar Listening 100 Volume 1 Blue

Product Description

This updated version of the long seller Mastering Japanese by Ear, is now finally revamped and better than ever.

Why study Japanese grammar and listening separately when you can study both? The updated book has done away with illustrations, text, and questions that are considered no longer relevant in modern society. Some chapters have been completely overhauled and have been adjusted to have 100 chapters, separated into Volume 1, and Volume 2, and is now much easier to learn and study by yourself.

This book aims to help you have a deeper understanding of the rules and theories of Japanese Grammar as well as getting used to everyday conversation at a normal speaking speed.


Includes worksheet, audio script, answer key, and an audio CD. (The audio CD can only be played on a computer and not a standard CD player)

Book contains translations in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Contains: 240 Pages

ISBN/UPC: 9784893589194
VENDOR: Bonjinsha