Dissecting the Japanese Culture -Nihon Bunka wo Yomu (For Elementary and Intermediate Japanese Learners)

Product Description

This material is made for Japanese learners whose skill is on the beginner up to intermediate level. The goal of this text is to provide reading materials for starters that are good in quality, and at the same time, fun to read. It contains well-known novels and essays from contemporary Japanese literary artists such as Haruki Murakami, Mukoda Kuniko and Kenzaburo Oe to name a few. A list of important expressions and phrases in Japanese is given next to the text. Furigana readings are applied for most of the kanji.

The text comes with two CDs, instructions to use in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese, and a glossary at the back part of the book. It is perfect for those people who self-study, although it could also be used as a text in a classroom setting.

Type: Paperback
Pages: 104
Language: Japanese
CDs: 2

ISBN/UPC: 9784757422988