Nihongo Active Talk

Product Description

This textbook is a generalized learning tool with a focus on conversational Japanese tailored to the beginning student. Even if you have a small vocabulary or do not know proper grammar, you can still sufficiently carry on a conversation with a native Japanese speaker, provided you study and prepare the most basic expressions necessary, and you have the right environment. You will then sometimes succeed and sometimes fail, but it will always be a learning experience.

"Nihongo Active Talk" contains:

  • short dialogues
  • exercises with sentence patterns that are simple and where particular emphasis is placed on picking out vocabulary
  • short interviews to experience real communication by asking questions
  • an introduction to conversational tricks that are helpful for maintaining a conversation
  • sociolinguistic and sociocultural information that is helpful for communication
  • removable lists of vocabulary appearing in each unit and categorized vocabulary lists

Pages: 110
CD: 1

ISBN/UPC: 9784872179156