Japanese Speaking Training - Nihongo Hanashikata Training

Product Description

Hanashikata means "way of speaking" and Nihongo Hanashikata Training is designed for intermediate and advanced language learners to perfect just that. 

By reading the dialogues and following along with the CDs (2 included), you will learn how to speak Japanese like a native speaker and be able to reinforce those lessons by mirroring the spoken dialogues. One key advantage of Nihongo Hanashikata Training are the wavy lines drawn above the written dialogue that indicate how to inflect the voice when, say, addressing a room for a self-introduction or when answering a phone. This will prepare you for presentations, public speaking events and simple daily conversation too. 

Proper hanashikata can make a big difference in how native speakers regard your Japanese ability - if you can do it right, you are sure to impress.

 CD A: 46 minutes
 CD B: 57 minutes

 Intended for JLPT N3-N1.

ISBN/UPC: 9784872179446