New Nihongo Keigo Training

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Revised and re-designed version!

Mastering "keigo" - respectful Japanese - is essential to becoming good at the language. This book is aimed at students who want to learn how to use keigo skillfully. It is the 

The book begins with a quick introduction to keigo, addressing the basic but essential questions: In what situations should you use keigo? And to whom? The textbook is divided by theme into 18 chapters such as, "Polite Greetings," "Turning Someone Down," "Apologizing," "Making Plans," "Presentations," and "Mail Keigo." Each chapter begins with a reading or conversation and moves on to explanations, exercises, and applications.

It comes with a CD including great listening practice and exercises.

If you want to improve your Japanese, try this book. It will diversify your speech, giving you the ability to use both casual and respectful Japanese, and it will be sure to help you impress Japanese people!

Please note: This book contains very little English, and most explanations are in Japanese. Take a close look at the sample pages to see if it is appropriate for you!

Pages: 184
CDs: 2

ISBN/UPC: 9784872178562
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