Nihongo Tadoku Books Vol. 3

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Unless you are an advanced learner of the Japanese language, reading books and long texts is a very challenging task. Reading a newspaper in Japanese requires knowledge of 2000+ kanji and many words that are not commonly used in everyday life. Graded readers on the other hand are made for people just like you: Beginner and intermediate Japanese learners. Nihongo Tadoku Books Vol. 3 is aimed at intermediate students at around the N3 level and lets you have a sense of achievement for being able to read a book in Japanese without too much trouble. Vol. 3 covers level 3 (details explained down below) and includes 7 stories.

Nihongo Tadoku Books Vol. 3 levels explained:

Level JLPT Mainly used grammar
0 N5 present tense, past tense, interrogative words, ~たい-form, です and ます-form
1 N5 present tense, past tense, interrogative words, ~たい-form, です and ます-form
2 N4 dictionary form, て-form,ない-form, past tense, attributive, ~と (conditional), ~から (reason), ~のだ
3 N3

potential form, imperative, passive, volitional, ~とき, から, たら・ば・なら, ~そう, ~よう, compound verbs

4 N3

causative, causative passiv, ~そう, ~らしい, ~はず, ~もの, ~ようにする・なる, ことにする・なる

5 N2 function words, compound words, idioms, honorifics, ~につれて, ~わけにはいかない, ~切り開く・召し上がる, 伺う

Stories in this book:

  • The Star of the Night Hawk
  • Three Brothers Who Went Searching for Peers
  • Ondal The Dumb
  • Sea Prince and Mountain Prince
  • A Story of a Giant
  • The Nose of a Tengu
  • Gohē and a Tsunami

Additional information:

  • Pages: 112
  • Contains furigana (kanji readings)
ISBN/UPC: 9784469222517
VENDOR: Taishukan
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