Nihongo Tadoku Books Vol. 7

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Reading can be tough if you are beginner and only know few words and little grammar. There is just too much yet to learn to be able to read a text fluently. Or is there? Not if you use the right resources: Nihongo Tadoku Books Vol. 7 is a graded reader made for beginners. It covers the levels 0-1 (details explained down below) and includes both fairy tales and non-fiction stories. The vocabulary and grammar used are limited to make it easy to read for beginners and to let you feel a sense of achievement in reading your first Japanese book. In this volume, all kanji and katakana have furigana, so all you need is hiragana and you are ready to go!

Nihongo Tadoku Books Vol. 1 levels explained:

Level JLPT Mainly used grammar
0 N5 present tense, past tense, interrogative words, ~たい-form, です and ます-form
1 N5 present tense, past tense, interrogative words, ~たい-form, です and ます-form
2 N4 dictionary form, て-form,ない-form, past tense, attributive, ~と (conditional), ~から (reason), ~のだ
3 N3

potential form, imperative, passive, volitional, ~とき, から, たら・ば・なら, ~そう, ~よう, compound verbs

4 N3

causative, causative passiv, ~そう, ~らしい, ~はず, ~もの, ~ようにする・なる, ことにする・なる

5 N2 function words, compound words, idioms, honorifics, ~につれて, ~わけにはいかない, ~切り開く・召し上がる, 伺う

Stories in this book:

Level 0

vol.7-1 Who am I?

vol.7-2 Fun! Japanese Toilets

vol.7-3 Brothers - a year in the life of Akari and Yuka

vol.7-4  Japanese (Nihonzaru) Monkeys

Level 1

vol.7-5 Japanese festivals and events

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